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Welcome to: 
Celebrate Good Life   ✦   LIFESTYLE CONCEPT STORE 
The concept store focusses on some core elements with an exclusive philosophy.
We believe that modern, elegant, and luxurious "art of living" it's amazing. We want women & mens around the world to have the privilege of being glamorous day & night and feel enchanting their natural beauty and getting excited to show satisfaction for our timeless and magical items designed with love and crafted worldwide.
We are proud of our super squad and everything we do to ensure the best VIP shopping experience thanks to our stylists. Giving you the trust and confidence you need to be fabulous and buy on our website with the freedom and choice that you deserve. Our customers needs always come first and remain at the heart of everything we do. Our universe is updated with fresh new hot lines daily selected by our cool hunters to make sure you’re always up to date with the latest styles. Selecting innovative fabrics, exciting prints and beautiful silhouettes we offer must-wear styles at deluxe prices for an experience-first brand.
The - Celebrate Good Life - empire was created in late 2017. After 10 years of design trade in the Italian fashion district with endless passion and a whole heap of experience, we founded a new concept of online experience mixing fashion culture with super design pieces to shine bright like a diamond.
We are the dream makers. #teamcgl
A team of creators, designers, and producers who believed in a vision for an experiential pleasure and experience with  optimism at its core.
Ladies & gentlemen, our expert design team travels the globe to discover emerging trends that define the season. Back at HQ, inspiration is translated into the directional designs our customers demand. Pushing the boundaries of fashion to the high street, our cool hunters work hard with buying and merchandising teams to bring you tomorrow’s trends today.  We believe fashion should be sexy and comfortable. For our design direction we take influence from celebs with sex appeal, current pop culture, the latest global trends within social media, and influencers around the world.
Inspired by the high life of Slim Aarons's (an American photographer noted for photographing socialites, jet-setters and celebrities) vision mixed with "La Dolce Vita" italiana this is an exclusive shopping spot. 
We are ready to fulfill all of your desires.
 The founder.
✦ ✦ ✦
Our attitude, philosophy & beliefs:
 We are confident to say that behind every successful soul it's himself power.
✦ We are inspired by living in a moment, sharing present and being awoken by experience.
 We are thrilled by beautiful minds.
✦ We believe in happiness, love, positivity, freedom and joy.
 You just stepped into Celebrate Good Life Universe, and now you are a big magical family member.
 Get ready to challenge yourself for every single emotion of this world.
 Discover yourself with passion.


If you come across a high end brand that does good please let us know, we’d love to help support their efforts.

As always, thank you for being a #CelebrateGoodLife member, it’s both a bragging right and a lifestyle choice. Here are some of the ways we're trying to makes a difference:

  • Donating to ocean conservation
  • Planting endangered tree species
  • Rescuing abandoned & injured dogs
  • Hiring 100 single mothers as artisans
  • Employing women who’ve faced homelessness
  • Donating to Cancer research and awareness
  • Recycling used fishing nets to create fabrics
  • Teaching teenage girls how to code
  • Using some recycled packaging materials


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